When.  April 6, 2022 from 1400-1645
Where.  Wilmington Convention Center
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Room 106/107, 1400-1500: Electrification and its Infrastructure on Military Bases. Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important component of meeting climate change targets. President Biden has pledged to electrify the entire federal government fleet and build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2030. In parallel with these goals, the Department of Defense is looking to demonstrate and scale green technologies. For example, DoD is considering mandating all non-combat vehicles be electric by 2030. But widespread electrification may not be feasible just yet. How can we deploy EVs and the associated infrastructure while also protecting our country from the threats of climate change? Join us for a session about how DoD may make the transition to clean transportation.

Room 108, 1400-1530: Protecting Sensitive Data – Collaboration is Key. Join Chris Newborn, DAU Cybersecurity Professor and Laura Rodgers, NCMBC Cybersecurity Compliance Professional and former defense contractor, as they present ways that defense contractors and the DoD acquisition workforce can work together to protect the sensitive data that is vital to national security.

Room 106/107, 1500-1600: Mitigating Climate Change Impacts at Military Bases. The Department of Defense recently released a plan to confront climate change risks to missions, installations, equipment, and service member welfare. Flooding, drought and extreme weather events disrupt U.S. military capabilities and facilities, including military training ranges and bases. How should military bases prepare for climate impacts and harsher environmental conditions; what changes should be made to bases’ master plans (i.e., the guide for the next decade plus of construction and major repairs)? This session will talk about how some bases are making plans during expected climate impacts.

Room 106/107, 1600-1645: Update on Offshore Wind Energy. NCMBC’s virtual October 2021 event included an offshore wind energy discussion to learn about the Avangrid Renewables Kitty Hawk site, plans for development of additional offshore wind sites, and how the Commonwealth of Virginia has worked collaboratively with the military on the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind site. Given the fluid nature of the topic, this session will be an update on what has happened since October. Hear from experts on the most to date information on this evolving topic.

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