BOOTH EQUIPMENT:  Exhibitor Spaces inside the exhibit hall will be provided with a 8’ wide by 6‘ deep space (give or take some space) and spaces located in the Marina Concourse will be provided with a 8’ wide by 6‘ deep space (give or take some space).  Marina Concourse exhibits must not protrude into the concourse walking space.  Each booth will be provided with an 8’ x 30” table, two chairs, floor length tablecloth and one electrical outlet.  Should you have specific questions on whether your exhibit space will fit your selected space or questions about how to best utilize your location, please email Courtney Smedick (courtney@ncmbc.us).
Please note:  The exhibit hall floor is not carpeted and the rental of carpet is not available.

BOOTH CREDENTIALS.  Upon arrival, your credentials, badges and materials will be located at your exhibit space.  NCMBC staff will be available to assist with unloading and booth location at the unloading dock location (see below).  There is no requirement to check-in at the registration table unless you have name changes, questions, etc.

UNLOADING DOCK:   The Convention Center requests all exhibitors unload their items from the drive-on ramp located on Nutt Street.   This ramp has access directly inside of the exhibit hall.  Please do not bring items through the main Convention Center doors. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Time: No earlier than 10:00 AM and no later than 4:00 PM.  All exhibitors who are setting up early must be set-up and ready to leave by 4:00 PM.  The exhibit hall will be closed and locked at 4:00 PM.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Time: No earlier than 7:00 AM

We ask that no dismantling of displays or packing of products occurs before Noon, April 18.

DRESS ATTIRE:  Business casual.

To ship booth materials, you can send items to:
Wilmington Convention Center
Attn: NCMBC Summit/Courtney Smedick
C/O: Mac Goodrum
515 Nutt Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401

Please try to ship booth items to arrive as close to April 12, 2024 as possible.

To ship booth materials out of the Wilmington Convention Center:
You will need to package your materials; tape a return label to your materials; call the shipping company for pick-up at 515 Nutt Street, Wilmington, NC 28401; and take your materials to the loading dock which is attached to the exhibit hall near the roll-up door.

WIRELESS INTERNET:  Complimentary WiFi is available at the Wilmington Convention Center.

Please note:  No signs, merchandise or any other items are to be pinned, stapled or otherwise attached to any Wilmington Convention Center property without  pre-approval.  Exhibitors shall be responsible for any damage or loss of materials placed on the show floor. Exhibit spaces will not be pipe and draped.  All items must be freestanding.